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3 Reasons to Enjoy Female Masturbation

3 Reasons to Enjoy Female Masturbation

TV shows like Sex and the City have brought female masturbation into popular discussion, but many women haven’t quite caught on. Researchers at the University of Indiana found that around twenty percent of women have masturbated in the last month, and forty percent within the last year.

Comparatively, anywhere from 27% to 68% of males reported masturbating in the past 30 days, depending on age. Contrary to stereotypes, women are equally sexual as men — they’re just not encouraged to explore their bodies the same way men are. How many movies joke about teen boys masturbating?

(American Pie was even named after that special scene!) As an adolescent, I didn’t even know other girls practiced masturbation, but I sure knew the guys did! Some females just need a little help to enjoy exploring their bodies. Read on for reasons to like female masturbation:

(1) Female masturbation helps women orgasm.

In a survey by sex educators Dorian Solot and Marshall Miller, 88% of women who masturbated had orgasms as opposed to only 48% of females who did not masturbate. In the same survey, they found its easier for females to orgasm through masturbation than any other way — including vaginal sex, cunnilingus, and fingering.

Sexuality is more than just orgasm, of course, and you can have amazing sex without it. But still, orgasms are fun, and one of the best physical sensations we can have. Use female masturbation to practice orgasm by yourself.

(2) If you’re in a relationship, you’ll have better sex with them too.

If you can’t bring yourself to orgasm, you can’t expect your partner to. Unlike romantic movies, males don’t always know how to pleasure a woman. You must communicate if you want good sex, and to communicate you have to have something to say!

Some people think masturbation is only for single people, or that their partner will be insulted. On the contrary! If your partner is uncomfortable, inform them that your female masturbation will mean better partner sex for them too. Playing with a significant other is fun, but you’ll be disappointed if you depend on them for your only sexual outlet.

Even the closest couples have different sex drives, fantasies, and preferences. When you’re in touch with what you want and share that with your partner, you’ll not only feel more pleasure but also greater intimacy. Female masturbation enhances your relationships.

(3) That old saying

That old saying — you have to love yourself first before your partner can really love you. Female masturbation is embodied self-love, as cheesy as that sounds. Like a healthy diet, being physically active, and relaxing — female masturbation is another way to take care of your body.

Western culture makes females feel hate their bodies, where we’re even victims of violent crimes simply for being women. Making female masturbation a part of your life tells yourself your body’s needs are important. By yourself you can experiment with your fantasies safely and enliven that part of yourself that is longing for a more fulfilled life.

Female masturbation is correlated with higher self-esteem, which will also better your work and family life. Female masturbation supporter Betty Dodson says, «masturbation IS sex.» So often we’re focused on our significant others that we forget about pleasing ourselves.

Make love to yourself, fuck, play with yourself — whatever way you say it, female masturbation means better sex and more happiness.

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