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The testing firm walloped by customers for their overflowing ‘drop bins’ today hit back and told them to pay for swabs to be couriered to their lab if they aren’t happy to leave them piled up on the street as it was revealed it has made at least £120million during the pandemic.

Randox also denied claims that personal information was ‘left for anyone to take’ because of the piles of uncollected tests or that the ‘absolute mess’ outside pharmacies was the reason for any delayed test results.

Gavin Marshall tweeted one of the photos from Sutton, south-west London and said: ‘Forced to pay @RandoxOfficial over the odds for Day 2 PCR test, drive 30 mins to drop off sample because so few collection points only to find it over-flowing and insecure.

Covid travel rip off’.

Replying to his tweet the company said: ‘If these locations do not suit your needs then the onus is on the customer to arrange an alternative company’. A spokesman added: ‘These sample kits do not include any customer personal information whatsoever’.

Northern Ireland-based Randox Health, the UK’s largest Covid-19 PCR testing provider with a turnover of £118million-a-year, is one of the companies offering the service, with drop off points for samples in 100 locations.

And last September the business became responsible for a quarter of all community tests across the UK after winning a £133million contract in March 2020.  Before the pandemic it made most of its cash from tests created for cardiac risk, various cancers and diabetes.

The ‘absolute mess’ in Britain’s ‘rip off’ PCR testing system was laid bare today in shocking pictures of uncollected £50-a-time samples piled high outside UK pharmacies.

Travel guru Paul Charles tweeted: ‘What’s the point of taking a Day 2 PCR test?’, adding the photos were ‘a symbol of the absolute mess that PCR testing has become.

Samples left for anyone to take, and proof of private labs that aren’t in any hurry to turn around the results. Let alone send them for genomic sequencing that Government isn’t so interested in now’.

The chaos at Randox drop-off boxes in London was revealed by angry customers who said they didn’t dare leave their tests, branding them ‘overflowing and insecure’.

A rammed Randox drop off point in London with uncollected PCR tests piled high in a picture showing the chaos of the current privately run holiday testing system

A worker comes to empty an overflowing Randox drop off box in Warwick this afternoon

These Randox boxes were also overflowing overnight as customers complained about the PCR testing system enforced by the government

Randox collection points around the country are filling up as more people are forced to take time sensitive tests required for travel abroad

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