Invoicing Using a Courier Dispatch Software


In the past, the term «invoice» automatically conjured an image of old paper with words and figures in it.

But thanks to technology, invoices don’t have to be manually prepared. They can be issued instantly using courier dispatch software, thus helping you provide better customer service.

An invoice is a list of products and/or services sent out by your courier company to your customers.

This list contains the costs of the services you have rendered, as well as product descriptions that the customer will have to check upon the arrival of the parcel. An invoice is especially important if you manage a warehouse, and there are too many items to be dispatched in a day.

That said, preparing invoices is a basic step for any business. Still, it can be changed into an efficient procedure, where steps are simplified, and the process is already automated. With courier dispatch software, you can do away with manual labour, and integrate bookkeeping, invoicing, and completing tax requirements in one go.

Key Considerations when Using Invoicing Solutions

Certain factors must be accounted for if you would use invoicing solutions. First, build your company invoice from scratch. Work on a template that bears your courier company name, logo, tagline, and contact numbers.

You can also input the details needed in the invoice, such as tax discounts, the items to be delivered, and the amount to be paid by the customer. While other business owners prefer to make their own and match it with their preferred designs, others would rather choose from the pre-made templates available in the software.

This makes the work faster and easier.

The second consideration is concerned with sending invoices. You can easily encode the names of your customers using the delivery dispatch software.

Invoices can then be sent automatically to the customers via SMS the moment the payment has been received by the delivery staff.

You may also want to work out the payment system vis-a-vis the invoice dispatch software. For instance, your customer sent his payment through online banking, which is linked to the software.

Once the system recognizes that payment has already been transferred, it automatically sends a reply to the customer bearing the details of the invoice, as well as the tracking code for the item. This means the customer can receive the invoice even before the item is delivered.

The last factor to be considered is how you would receive payments. As discussed above, payment portals can be integrated with courier invoice and dispatch software. The extra features depending on the type of function you want the software to do. Do you want the software to automatically convert one currency to another?

Do you want it to adjust tax deductions and client discounts? These can be done easily once the software has been installed, and automated processes have been personalized according to YOUR needs as a courier management company.


Invoicing doesn’t have to be laborious.

Through carefully selected software such as InstaDispatch courier delivery software, you can send invoice quickly and easily, without fear of errors and miscalculations.

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