The Bachelor‘s Jimmy Nicholson has recalled his worst ever dating experience.

The hunky pilot, 31, told  on Wednesday that he was left with a bad taste in his mouth after a woman suggested he take her to an expensive restaurant on their first date. 

Jimmy explained that he’d asked the woman to join him at a cosy Italian restaurant, but was taken aback when she responded by insisting he took her to a more glamorous establishment.

‘I think I dodged a bullet there’: The Bachelor’s Jimmy Nicholson, 31, (pictured) has recalled his disastrous dating experience with a woman who refused to go to a cheap restaurant

‘I looked [the place she suggested] up and it was the most expensive restaurant in Sydney,’ Jimmy recalled.


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‘I responded saying I would prefer somewhere a little more low key for a first date,’ he explained.

Unfortunately the woman refused to back down, suggesting the second-most expensive restaurant in Sydney instead.

Expensive taste! Speaking to The Courier Mail, the hunky pilot explained he was taken aback when the woman suggested they spend their first date at the most expensive restaurant in Sydney

‘I saw what was going on so suggested we give it a miss. I think I dodged a bullet there,’ he said.

Jimmy’s confession comes amid reports the hunk has ‘distanced himself’ from certain rejected contestants after learning that they’ve been spreading gossip behind his back.

‘Jimmy’s shocked with the girls and thinks that they’re quite mean,’ an insider told Daily Mail Australia this week.

Not happy! Jimmy’s confession comes amid reports the hunk has ‘distanced himself’ from certain rejected contestants after learning that they’ve been spreading gossip behind his back

Not nice! A source has told Daily Mail Australia that Jimmy is ‘shocked’ with the behaviour of certain rejected contestants after reading ‘nasty’ messages written about him in a group chat

‘The girls were writing nasty things about him in the group chat, sending memes and spreading gossip in a private WhatsApp group chat.’

‘He doesn’t think it’s normal and doesn’t understand why they are acting this way, the girls obviously didn’t take the rejection well.’

‘He is quite shocked by it all and disappointed,’ another source said.

The insider claimed Jimmy was so upset about what was being said that he passed the screenshots onto producers.

It’s understood that Warner Brothers, the production company behind the show, e-mailed all of Jimmy’s contestants last week warning them that behaviour wouldn’t be accepted and if it continued that they would risk breaking their contract.

Stay tuned! The Bachelor continues Wednesday at 7.30pm on Ten

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