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What is REVS

What is a REVS check?

AUCN allows you to look the official Grammatical category Place Securities File (PPSR) for fiscal interests on a fomite. Prior to 2012, this service of process was provided by the say based REVS (Cross-file of Encumbered Vehicles) or VSR (Fomite Securities Register).

What is REVS?

Buying a victimized machine prat be crafty business.

AUCN( was created to supporter Australian secondhand car buyers do the rectify checks on cars they designate on buying.

Did you have intercourse that if you purchase a secondhand cable car with money owed to a financier from a former owner, it could be repossessed?

It’s true, if you don’t go over for financial encumbrances (REVS check) you could remainder up losing the railroad car you have got but purchased.

Ahead buying a secondhand fomite you should e’er do a REVS tick to envision if in that location is whatsoever money undischarged on the vehicle you are purchasing.

Simply come in the Fomite Recognition List (VIN) into the hunting boxful on this varlet and we wish take you to the most comp REVS checks and fomite chronicle checks in Commonwealth of Australia.

Tips for buying a secondhand gondola in Commonwealth of Australia

Looking complete the exploited automobile and having a mechanically skillful inspection performed are necessary steps. Even so on that point are about very authoritative things that terminate hush stay a mystery.

For instance:

Is the cable car genuinely the unrivaled it is supposititious to be, and does the VIN, locomotive engine and readjustment phone number fit up?

Has it been reported purloined or e’er written-slay?

Is in that respect exonerate rubric on the vehicle?

Has the odometer been furled spine?

When the elevator car was first off sold, the postcode of first base sales agreement and for what purport it was purchased (taxi, holding car, etc)?

Wherefore do I necessitate to do a REVS confirmation?

If you purchase a vehicle from a private trafficker who has an owed loan attached to the vehicle (this is named an encumbrance), the vehicle could be repossessed and you could recede your money.

You bottom bank check the PPSR (previously known as REVS — Cash register of Encumbered Vehicles) on to find if the fomite is encumbered. In addition to doing a PPSR/REVS check, we besides recommend buying a vehicle account account that includes info some whether the cable car has been written-off, stolen, flowage tainted or whether the odometer has been rolled backbone.

Doing a PPSR/REVS determine is the simplest style to forbid repossession by a financier if someone else quieten owes money on the vehicle. If the fomite is encumbered, you should non leverage it until you are slaked with the arrangements made by the current proprietor to return the debt.

You take to be sure that the registration, locomotive engine and Vehicle Recognition (VIN/Chassis) Book of Numbers on the registration written document are monovular to those on the vehicle.

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