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Why Playing Video Games Can be Beneficial For You

Video games have come a long way. From being small handheld devices that just had one game that ran on a loop, to virtual reality. These days we have the likes of PUBG. If you have just come across this term and aren’t sure what PUBG is, then any PUBG guide will tell you — Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds.

This is an online game with multiple players that tests a person’s skills in a virtual reality space. These games are so popular that many look for trainers who can guide them on winning the game. There are games that people can participate in and win big and there is PUBG coaching through which you can learn how to be that winner.

It has been said and seen that today’s video games can be beneficial for you. Here is how:

Improve decision making

Video games affect our decision-making process. They demand that we keep tracking the moving images, which improves our ability to receive sensory information. Such actions can help us make better and precise decisions.

Action-packed video games test our brain a lot as there are multiple moving objects, things appearing and disappearing at the same time. Hence, it is basically teaching the brain to absorb sensory data and translate it to correct decisions faster. So, good news for battle royale players out there.

Increase learning ability

Gaming can be beneficial to all players — young or old. Many corporates and institutions have started using video games to teach and incorporate learning actions. These games can enhance the flexibility of the brain. Fast-paced games force participants to manage more sources of information, thus leading to cognitive flexibility.

Being less anti-social

If you play video games online, you can use PUBG LFG to find like-minded players and form a group. These activities help people with social anxiety and those who aren’t comfortable with others. There are stereotypes existing that people who play video games all the time are actually very socially awkward and rejects.

However, we can see that not all gamers have issues in making friends. These games are live social environments and players have to communicate in them. Gamers have said that they have created strong relationships with other gamers due to their common passion. If you want to make friends while you are playing, use something like a PUBG team finder, where you can be a part of a squad and play.

Hand-eye coordination is better

When a person is playing a video game, he/she isn’t just staring at the screen. They are watching something on the screen and reacting accordingly in real-time.

The activities on-screen provide mental stimulation and ask the players to coordinate visuals and their movements. Without this, they will not be able to successfully play the game. Professions like medical surgery also require great coordination and hence trainees are first trained on virtual surgeries as well.

Many games also require the player to be on their feet, ensuring that they experience some physical activity.

Delays aging

All humans age in time. Getting older can have positives but it also has issues that come along. One of the ways to delay aging is to ensure that the brain is in top shape.

This could mean exercising the brain in various ways. And playing games can do that for you. Online games can help in reducing the mental decline over the course of time. It ensures that the brain’s speed is good as the stimulations require the brain to intercept information quickly.

This ensures that the brain is exercising and keeping in shape, even as you get older.

Increasing memory capacity

The 3D virtual environments and engaging experiences meaningfully stimulate the brain. A study wherein some participants were required to play a virtual game, had a better time recalling things than people who didn’t play any video games.Plus, with the games designed in ways that require management of resources and precise planning, the brain’s memory capacity will expand.

Problem solving

Video games have certain rules that players have to follow.

This also means that players have to think carefully, strategize and plan before making any move, in order to stay in the game. Sometimes, with the available information, they also need to make quick decisions and have to solve issues fairly quickly. This is all in simulations, but such thought processes and reflexes help in real life too.

I enjoy writing on various niche like travel, relationships, or general news.I also enjoy playing video games like and has noticed immense benefits of playing them. Recently I have also started PUBG Coaching so others can learn and enjoy the game.

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